Friday, October 1, 2010

Energy supplements cont.

ok so here are some before and after pictures and i am not really flexing in the first ones but they are the closest ones i have to compare to. here are the before (im the goofy one in the middle) this is one week before college. 

 Here is from 1 minute ago. i havnt been working out the entire time because i got crazy sick for 2 weeks. so i guess it was about 3 weeks of hardcore working out.

I know im not really ripped or strong but I am trying. after taking the supplement yesterday i biked on the hill exercise for 40 minutes burning over 400 calories and biking over 11 miles before starting my core workout. just over the past week i have started to really workout. i go the the gym every week day. on tuesdays and thursdays i do legs and core workout and on monday wednesdays and fridays i do upper body and core workouts. and everytime i have taken an energy supplement i have shattered my lifting and cardio records. my thighs are really starting to get big (yesterday i put on boxers and they didnt fit over my thighs lol) and i really feel like i am making progress. and in the comments section of my last post RainingPIPs posted a website where all the supplements are a lot cheaper than at say GNC so try going there ( hope this helps! tell me how im doing in the comments and if anyone knows a good lower core workout i would really appreciate it! 

P.S. i have no clue why im not smiling. and ill take some more pics in another 3 weeks. that will be the real test.