Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why a Watch?

With all the technology that is available today why would anyone want to own a watch? Watches are worn to show that you have style, class, and that you are responsible. Plastic watches watches are made to be paired with clothing worn to the clubs while metal and leather watches are made to create an impression. Now i'm not saying that everyone has to go out and buy a $5000 watch because that might not make any sense for your life style. That being said there are many different kinds of watches so which one is the right kind? Here is a nice cheap watch that looks fresh for chillin:
then there are watches for the everyday wear that shows that you have fashion. they can be worn with jeans or paired nicely with a button down shirt:

Then there are the nice watches. wear them out to only a very nice date or to a job interview where you need to dress to impress. personally i think nowadays these watches arent even necessary because a watch like the one above could pass off as nice. But if it is necessary for your job then you want a god watch such as 

the first watch is a g shock and it is $99
the second watch is fossil and it is $95
the third watch is a Russian aviator and it is $450
the fourth watch is a Breitling and it is $7,690


  1. I think watches, today in society, is more a fashion accessory.

    Almost everything today has a built in clock.

    Good blog bro, I'm going to follow you.

  2. I agree with mike, if you don't have a phone, ipod or anything else then you need a watch...but otherwise its just for style lol

  3. Freaking snazzy watches man. I'd rock one if I could get a nice one.

  4. Awesome article.I love collecting watches.

  5. i wear a watch at work because they wont let us carry cellphones

  6. They need to come out with new watches with unique features that are not available in phones.

    Need some James Bond shit up in this

  7. Dont knock the casio g-shocks. I had one many years ago and the bastard took a BEATING. and I put off major electricity I have never replaced the battery. As for the fossil ... can not go wrong. I dont care what people say their watches are near indestructable.