Monday, September 27, 2010

Stuff I Take For Workouts

Sorry for not posting or checking out yalls posts over the weekend (it was a long one if you know what i mean). So now that I am back in my room I can start posting/checking your blogs again. But i just got back from a monster workout and i thought i would share with you what I take, what i dont take, and why. So I used to use a pre workout energy supplement called NO-Xplode. My review? amazing, well kind of. Being a College student i consume quite a bit of caffeine so i was surprised to find that this gave me an energy boost. well for awhile. my body quickly built up a tolerance to it and i found myself taking triple the regular amount by week 3 to get the same effect. so it requires a detox period. so today i tried a new supplement that my dad sent me in the mail called  naNO Vapor. And my initial review is that it worked well. even though i have a tolerance to NO Xplode i have no tolerance to this. seriously i just biked 9 then lifted for 45 minutes which is pretty good for me. so we will see how long this feeling lasts. what dont i take? creatine and protein powder. why? because if you just eat the recommended amount of protein then you pee out the rest. so essentially you are making expensive pee when you take all of that extra protein. and creatine is made naturally in your body. so if you take extra for an extended period of time your body stops making it. if that happens you need to to take i forever to build muscle. plus that shit is expensive and it makes you swell up with water. so here is what i take. they are between 50 and 65 bucks at gnc or vitamin shoppe


  1. Thanks for the info about creatine

    I've been debating taking it, not anymore!

  2. I've never used supplements but I also eat really well, so I don't have to. I'd love to hear more about the benefits though.

  3. I'm an ex cross country runner.. and these supplements work really well in addition to hard work.

    Otherwise...they seem to give no effect. I no longer do any intense training and the supplements seem to have no effect. I have since stopped using them

  4. I don't recommend buying anything from GNC or Vitamin Shoppe as it is ridiculously overpriced!

    for cheaper stuff!